Our Tulane Family Newsletter emails begin with a special summer series for parents of incoming first-year students sent near the beginning and middle of the month from mid-May until August Move-In. Each newsletter will have short articles introducing campus resources, reminders of upcoming deadlines, and planning advice.

Parents of all class years will receive e-newsletters during the academic year on the first of the month, September through May.

Family Newsletter Archive



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E-newsletters for families of the newly admitted and committed class of 2027 began on May 26, 2023All parents for the incoming new class of 2027 Tulane students will be automatically added to our mailing list using the addresses that students supplied in their original admission applications.

If, after May 26, you haven't received the e-newsletter, check your spam filter and adjust your settings to receive messages from families@tulane.edu. If you did not receive the e-newsletter, email families@tulane.edu with your first name, last name & preferred email address and confirm your student is an entering first-year or transfer student beginning in August 2023. 

If you are currently receiving the Tulane Family Newsletter and need to update your email address, please email families@tulane.edu.

To ensure you receive communications from other university departments, your correct email address must be on file in your student’s official record. Students have a self-serve option to change, confirm or add parent email addresses to their account, following these steps:

  • Log in to the Gibson Online portal,
  • use the “Student” tab,
  • navigate to the “Records” link in the left side column,
  • use the “Update Address, Phone and Email” link,
  • then open the “My Addresses” link and make the corrections to parent contact information.

Other Tulane Communications

Tulane University has a variety of other mailing lists that distribute information of interest to parents and family members. Please subscribe to any that are of interest. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Tulane Today
Tulane Today is a newsletter that goes out five days a week, covering a wide range of topics like research news, stories about students or faculty, and information about campus events. You can subscribe here at any time. Please note that parents are not automatically dropped from this list when their students graduate.

TUday & Tomorrow - A Note from President Michael A. Fitts
Each week President Fitts sends an email to the Tulane community covering important university priorities, news and events as well as some personal anecdotes and reflections. You can read past issues and find the subscribe link on the president's website. Please note that parents are not automatically dropped from this list when their students graduate. 


Emergency and other critical notifications
Every semester we create a list of parents of currently enrolled students and use it to send important messages to Tulane parents. This may include information about emergency situations such as bad weather and related school closings, annual notices for all parents or special messages from the president to the Tulane community. Please note that this list is NOT used for notices about crime on campus; see the TUPD Crime Alerts list below.  

The list is populated with contact information that students have provided in the Gibson Online portal. If you wish to sign up mid-semester, you can use this form, but you should also have your student add your email address in Gibson.

TUPD Crime Alerts
The Tulane University Police Department uses this list to send alerts in accordance with the Clery Act about crimes near the Tulane campus. Please note that this list is NOT used for emergency situations that threaten the Tulane campus. View past alerts and subscribe on the TUPD website. Please note that parents are not automatically dropped from this list when their students graduate.


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